A games night event where to

Bring out the kid we all have inside

Through the experimentation with innovative games, challenging devices, fresh drinks and good music.

Engage interaction between humans in funny ways

Break with the established game codes

We believe the act of playing helps humans to socialize, understand better society, the world, and themselves, it triggers and empowers the creative thinking, strategy and intuition.

This year we are working on landing

Bemyhuman in ???

Knitting the yarns of joy to create something memorable and meaningful. Dates and exact location undisclosed.

Always in the look for Sponsors

Would you like to help to make it happen?

Let us know collaborations or sponsorship you are able to offer.


Show it to the world

Send the game, installation, or idea that you would like to be part of the event. We are looking for projects installation based, multi-player, competitive, with physical elements, that use peripherals or create a complete new way of socializing, interacting and communicating.
Even if we will put special attention to local projects, we would love to hear from

Artist and developers from around the world.

Play with us

Let's create a playful and shareable culture together.

A space to interact with games and people that see the world through different and new perspectives, creatives with hunger of new ways of seeing, interpreting, playing and describing the world.