A space to interact with games and people that see the world through different and new perspectives, creatives with hunger of new ways of seeing, interpreting, playing and describing the world. To create a playful and shareable culture.

We believe the act of playing helps humans to socialize, understand better society, the world, and themselves, it triggers and empowers the creative thinking, strategy and intuition. This is why we are interested in projects that break with the established game codes, being iconoclast, surprising, artistic, and underground.

This kind of games are set on what we know as the indie game scene, usually because of it being independent productions, made by single artists or very small teams, working outside the mainstream rules.

We do not focus only on video games, but also on projects created with alternative controllers, original design, illustration and animation, experimental music, and/or creating socio-political controversion or impact.

Play with us.
Bring them to life.